Student Teaching Tips

by Sasha Appelbaum

By Luis Escamilla

By Olivia Geffner

an empathy-encouraging graphic organizer by Anthony Longoria

By Brian Devine

By Amalia Gonzalez-Kahn

By Sarah Starr Peterson

Handout Created by Amber Foos (sample tools below)

How to for a summit project, by Helen Andrews

Discussion Outline by CoreyAllanMartin

By Renee Stern

Google Forms By Anna Barker

by Paige Weldon

This is a Power Point Jeopardy game that you can create. Great for review. Includes: link, a copy of the ppt template, and a sample that I used with my students. Enjoy! Marie Donadio

by Rachel Rowland

by Lauren Roon

also by Lauren Roon

(Guided Notes) by Ryan Lafferty

Structured Academic Controversies by Lea Kaminstein

The Power of Power Point by Anna Stevens
A bit about you... by Kimberly Bennett

How to Create a Character Back-Story & Visual Character Development Peter Avriett

Assignment log sheet by Kyrsten Pratt

by Laura Wang
Three teaching tools that may help you to establish a foundation for relationships with your students.
  • Personal Files
  • Random Cards of Fate
  • "Happy Farmer" game

Exit slip strategy.doc by Kate LaPlante

Easy Journal Grading by Timothy Kay Wind

Parnter Pairing by Linnea Strandy